Lichen Lover

lichen on a branch at Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary

“Consider the Lichen. Lichens are just about the hardiest visible organisms on Earth, but the least ambitious.”
— Bill Bryson (A Short History of Nearly Everything)

I love photographing lichen.  You could say I am a Lichen Lover.

Several lichen study pics take up space on my hard drive, since I often observe lichen on my walks.  However I’ve  never considered growing my very own lichen.

Growing my own lichen? Yes please!

The folks at Lichen Lovers have a recipe called “Magnificent Lichen Growth Formula” for growing lichen, which contains milk, yeast, and a bunch of crazy goodness. You paint the bioactive mixture onto whatever porous surface you want it to grow on, and then…well….wait a while.

A loooooong while.  But I am sure the results will be worth the wait.

To the Forest!


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