Expose Yourself….to Green Environments

Research conducted by environment and behavior researcher Frances Kuo from the University of Illinois  confirms what many people have known anecdotally for years:

Exposure to green environments are essential to human social, mental, and physical health.

Hell yes!

Take a look at the full report at Science Daily here.

And then, go walk in a park!

Here is a picture of me hiking the Snow Lake trail in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  The trail is full of mountain views, gorgeous lakes, waterfalls, and old growth trees.   There was still snow on parts of the trail down by the lake in July.

Notice my BIG smile….happiness on the trail breathing in all that clean air!

To the forest!


1 thought on “Expose Yourself….to Green Environments

  1. If you are on Linked In, you would love our Gaia Psychology group about reconnecting with Mother Nature.

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