Gratitude, Friends, & Roses

Last week my car overheated on my way to getting it fixed. (Ugh…cars!)

I had to park it outside of Woodland Park, which was actually the perfect place for me to stop. ๐Ÿ™‚

I remembered the Woodland Park Rose Garden, which I spent time in years ago when I lived closer to it, as it was along my walk to Green Lake.

Awesome topiary!

What a beautiful garden!

After having a moment of total frustration and worry about my car, I walked across the park and entered the rose garden.ย  Several roses were not in bloom, but the space was so peaceful, and the grounds were very beautiful.ย  I suddenly forgot about my car, and allowed myself to relax in the moment and take in the beauty.

I was so grateful for this park, and all the care and intention given to such a special space.

After I left the park, my car had cooled off, so I carefully drove it to the mechanic.ย  From there, I wandered through the neighborhood, ran into an old friend, grabbed a snack with her, and then she led me to more friends and I ended up having a truly fantastic day!

I fell in love with this beauty!

So much gratitude!

To the Forest!


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