Bring the Forest In: Scent

It has been very rainy and dreary this past week here in Seattle.  (Good for the green, bad for outdoor weddings….)

The funny thing is, I don’t seem to mind this unusual summer weather.

Here’s why:

Seattle summer dreariness: good for the green

The lovely smell.  

The smell of damp earth and soil. When I wake up, even before my eyes open, I can smell a combination of rain, damp earth and trees.

This scent is incredibly intoxicating and lovely to me.  Maybe living 14 years in the Pacific Northwest will do that to a person.

So how do I make that outdoorsy luscious smell last longer?

Here is a list of five ways to bring the scents of the forest outdoors, indoors:

1. Incense:

Now I am not talking about the temple stuff from India, nor the super fragrant kind you buy from the guy in the subway station.

I am talking about freshly harvested and dried trees and plants. 

And no other company wildcrafts incense better than Juniper Ridge. Everything they harvest comes from western mountains and deserts, and they harvest sustainably.

Douglas Fir, Cedar, and White Sage incenses are ones I use regularly.   Right now, I particularly love the Siskiyou Cedar.  I light one stick every morning.

(Also, 10% of Juniper Ridge’s profits are donated to DEFENDING WESTERN WILDERNESS.  Excellent!

2. Patchouli on my Pillow

At night, before bed, I burn some white sage bundle.  Then I put a few drops of patchouli on a cotton ball, and place the cotton ball under my pillow case.  I fall asleep to dreamy earthy tree scent.  I also have the most intense dreams!  And dreams are good.

3. Lemon Verbena Tea (or referred to as “happy tea”)

Dried lemon verbena leaves steeped in hot water have the most amazingly bright, earthy aroma.  Take in the fragrance of the leaves, and drink this refreshing tea all day long, hot or iced.  You will feel good.

4. Pirouette True Perfumes

Thank goodness for Pirouette True Perfumes, created in Seattle by Pirouette Essentials!  This collection of six natural perfumes is handmade from pure plant essential oils.    I have been searching for scents like this for years.  What I wear now is Jasmine Musk, which is a deep, rich jasmine blossoms/amber/cedar blend.  It is my scent for spring and summer, and I cannot get enough of it!

5. Essential oil room sprays

This is a fun project, since creating a room spray from essential oils is simple and easy to do.

Find a atomizer bottle, and then fill with (ideally distilled) water and some drops of you favorite essential oil scents or blends. Instant home/room/office freshener!

Tea tree is one of my favs for a energizing room spray, and mid day pick me up. Make sure to shake up the bottle before spraying!  Other tree scents, such as eucalyptus , are super refreshing as well, especially if you are sick or have a cold.

These are just a few ideas and way to bring that fresh outdoorsy forest scent into your home. Until the move into the yurt or cabin in the forest, this will do!

Oh, and if possible….sleep with the window open 🙂

To the Forest!


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