Tree and Forest-Inspired Tarot and Oracle Cards

I am always looking out for tarot and oracle decks that reflect my love for trees and forests.  I find forest related decks are perfect for readings, since going into the forest signifies a wanderer/fools’s beginning of a journey.

My current favorites are the Wildwood Tarot deck, and Tree Angel Oracle cards, but I am always looking out for more.  I list a brief description of each deck, rather than in depth, because I know the images speak louder than my words, and most folks I know choose a deck based on how drawn they are to the imagery.

Here is a list of some of oracle and tarot decks that explore trees and forest imagery.  Click on the image to go to the artists/publisher’s website:


1. Tarot of Trees: This one is a vibrantcolorful tarot deck of creative tree imagery. It absolutely glows!


2. Tree Angel Oracle: On this oracle deck, there is gorgeous imagery of the angel spirits of trees. It’s a radiant and warm deck; the perfect blend of ethereal and earthy.


3. Tarot of the Magical Forest: Full of cute, unusual magical animals.


4. Tarot of the Secret Forest: This deck is full of awesome fantasy forest images of fairies and other forest-beings.


5. Forest Folklore Tarot: This is a pretty tarot deck with wonderful watercolor images

wildwood deck the seer

6. Wildwood: This is the tarot deck I currently work with the majority of the time. Amazing, powerful imagery.


7. Voices of the Trees: oracle deck based on Celtic Ogham, with lovely illustrations.

Let me know if I have missed any tree of forest inspired tarot or oracle decks…I would love to hear if there are more out there.

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2 responses to “Tree and Forest-Inspired Tarot and Oracle Cards

  1. Thank you JJ for reposting your suggestions! I love the Wildwood too. Putting all the cards out in the wheel of the year was so illuminating. I must get that Green Man Tree Oracle and the Tree Affirmation cards!

  2. JJ

    Aha, a reply button! I will just copy the tree-related decks I told you about in case anyone is interested:

    1) Green Man Tree Oracle by John Matthews and Will Worthington
    2) The Celtic Tree Oracle by Colin and Liz Murray
    3) Ogham – The Celtic Oracle by Andy Baggott
    4) Tree Magick by Gillian Kemp (art by Emma Garner)
    5) Tree Affirmation Cards by Victoria Sofia Lewis (one of the best!!!)

    I LOVE the Wildwood–did a brief intro with it here:

    I also own the Tarot of the Secret Forest–great artwork on that and the original sketches are fascinating.

    I keep putting that Tarot of the Magical Forest on and off my wish list. The characters are so appealing, but as yet I haven’t succumbed to its allure. I don’t have the other decks you mention.

    thanks for a great post.

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