Do You Dream? My Adventures in Dream Journaling.

IMG_1252I have been using dreams as information for as long as I can remember.  At different times in my life, I have kept dream journals to recognize patterns in my dreams, and to access all the rich information and wisdom in my dream life and travels.

For the past 4 months, I’ve been keeping a regular dream journal, where I write down my dreams every morning (or in the middle of the night.)  Even when I cannot remember my dream the night before, the next morning, I write “I don’t remember,” instead of “no dreams,” since the dreams had happened, I just couldn’t remember them at the time.

Last night I was in Greece, swimming in crystal clear aqua teal waters.  I was underwater the whole dream, swimming with sharks and manna rays, and other fish.  I swam deep near the floor of the sea, which was covered in a pale coral.  When I looked up to the surface from below, I could see the outline of white washed buildings made of stone, and a clear blue sky with the sun shining through the water. I still wonder if I was in my human form, or if I had shifted into a jellyfish, or an eel. Either way, it was a very playful, serene and vivid dream.


There has been a big water theme in my dreams lately, which for me, usually means I want to return to mother-earth-womb-lightly-floating-intuition-healing realm.  I really do have a strong desire to be in the ocean right now.  The morning before I had this dream, I pulled the Water Dragon card from the Druid Animal Oracle.

I  love the water, and once I get to a beach and in the ocean, it is really difficult for me to return to land.  Just writing this makes me want to go take a bath!  Or, take a trip to Maui.  The first photo in this post is from my trip there a little over a year ago.

Or, maybe I could actually go to Greece, which is a place I have not been yet.

In the past, I have overcome my fears in several dreams that started out as quite frightening.  Most times if there is something I don’t like in my dream, I will change it (after all, it is my dream.)  However, there are some dreams that happen repeatedly that just stick, or I feel “stuck” in.  That “sticking” or “stuck-ness” carries wisdom that needs attention.  I find dream journaling helps give those repetitive dreams a “voice.”  The dreams are brought to the light, and the light shows me the way to work within the dream.

Do you have a dream journal? How do dreams help you?


6 thoughts on “Do You Dream? My Adventures in Dream Journaling.

  1. I know…dream journals are so important. My life is so much richer when I am really dedicated to journalist my dreams. You sound hey dedicated to your dream life and all it’s wisdom. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I have been feeling more playful lately 🙂

  2. I’ve kept a dream journal for years! I feel like it’s a loss if I don’t write down all the fascinating mini-stories that my subconscious creates. I also lightly interpret mine. To me, water represents a body of emotion. If it’s a stormy ocean then literally you are experiencing stormy emotions about something. If it’s a calm lake, you are feeling emotionally calm. In your instance, a playful water scene would mean you feel playful, you are not burdened by troubling or negative emotions.

  3. I found journaling my dreams extremely helpful. – Beautiful post.

  4. Thanks Betsy! What a lovely memory of Hawaii. And yes, keeping a dream journal really helps a lot of people remember their dreams. Even when you can’t remember the dream the night before, just write “I don’t remember” in your journal. The more you write down your dreams and talk about your dreams, the more you will remember. Good luck!

  5. I wish I could remember my dreams! I seem to take a long time to wake up and so when I finally do, the dreams are far gone. Sometimes when I am awakened suddenly I will remember. Perhaps a dream journal will help. One of my favorite memories was being in Hawaii and floating in the ocean at night – looking up at the stars and the moon. Hope you make it to Hawaii soon!

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