Sedona’s beauty is breathtaking and powerful. It doesn’t take long to leave the crowds of tourists and head out into the desert and stand in awe and honor the red rocks that rise from the earth.  I enjoyed the Boynton Canyon Trail, which I hiked barefoot on soft red pebbles and sand.  It was soothing to open my foot channels and let warm, grounding earth energy flow and energize my legs.


One thing that struck me about Sedona (aside from the obvious magnificent red rock formations) was the juniper trees.  The junipers were really dynamic and sometimes stood twisted and bare in the sun. The trees were remarkable to sit by, with their warm, dry bark. In this picture, I am sitting with a peaceful twisted juniper, and feeling an immense sense of joy.


3 thoughts on “Sedona

  1. I do highly recommend visiting this land. Maurie, I’ll have to take a trip down to central Oregon this summer! It sounds beautiful, and much closer than AZ.

  2. Oh this looks lovely. I have never been to Sedona but I once made a quilted wallhanging called Sedona Circles that looked very mysterious. I still haven’t quilted it but maybe some day.

    I used to love the dry, twisted-looking junipers on islands in Georgian Bay.

  3. That image could have come out of the central Oregon High Dessert as well…it reminds me so much of my early childhood stomping grounds. Junipers and Pines were my first tree friends and the red rock from around where I lived is infused into my memory. I loved being transported there again with your sharing, even if it was a different place. Now I know this is a place I will want to visit as well. Thank you! The Juniper looks like it is holding you in the picture – lovely.

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