Learning to Play the Folk Harp

It has been a dream of mine to play the harp.

I am a musical person, I read music, and music has big a large part of my life.  I read music, and mainly have been a vocalist.  I’ve also dabbled with learning drums and piano.

Over the past few months, I have been listening to several celtic harp artists.  I was talking about the harp during my clairvoyant group and a member said “I play the harp and build folk harps.”  He generously lent me one of the folk harps he built, and the book “Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp” by Sylvia Woods!  I am so grateful to be able to learn to play this beautiful instrument.

I have to admit, it does take a lot of practice to learn something new like this.  photo-13Although this smaller harp is relatively easy to figure out, my left fingers are not possessing the muscle memory yet to remember when to pluck the strings at the right time!  Learning  a new instrument at this age requires patience.  Everyday I can play something I couldn’t the day before, so at this stage,  it’s very satisfying.

It’s also nice to have another creative activity that is away from the computer.  The more creative projects that do not involve being in front of a computer screen, the better!

Off to practice the harp!


8 thoughts on “Learning to Play the Folk Harp

  1. How wonderful you’re doing this. The harp is not something I hear about often… but it is beautiful.

  2. How awesome! Good for you! I can’t imagine picking up an instrument and learning at this age, feel like I’m past my prime lol

  3. Me too, JJ! I’ve been listening to Lorena McKennitt for years; such beautiful music! I hope all the in your area snow melts away soon!

  4. Thanks for your support Sarah! That is awesome you have learned to play the piano…very inspiring!

  5. That’s lovely you play to the trees Maurie! At this point I’m practicing at home. Maybe soon as the weather gets warmer I will be playing more outside. For now, the houseplants are my audience!

  6. It looks beautiful, I love the sound of a harp. Perhaps because of the work of Loreena McKennitt, it always reminds me of forest glades.

    I am with you about computers–I can hardly wait for Spring and contact with the real world. At the minute I can’t walk in the snow so am stuck inside.

  7. Good on you! I’m in my 30s and only took up piano a few years ago. I’m now at around grade 2 and can play some classical pieces although not brilliantly. As you say it’s the enjoyment of being creative that really counts.

  8. Wonderful! I completely agree about the not being in front of the computer as much too! So, I sing and play my flutes and drums to the trees (they really love music and are the most appreciative audience!), have you played the harp for them yet?

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