Aspen Eyes

These trees are watching us. They have eyes.”

Some of the eyes looked like owl eyes:


It was a real blessing to be surrounded and watched over by these beautiful trees. I kept wandering behind the tent area into the deep aspen forest grove to listen to the sound of gently quaking leaves in the breeze.


4 thoughts on “Aspen Eyes

  1. I have a quaking aspen in my front yard. It’s beautiful to sit under because of the sound, but alas, they send runners out everywhere in the lawn. Great for the woods, not for the front garden.

  2. Wow… just did a brief look at their website, looks really nice. We’ve stayed in one of the campgrounds near Twisp before and also in a hotel right on the river, where you open the sliding door to see Harlequin ducks playing in the rapids. Really want to get back up that way. Thanks for the lead on another possible place to stay!

  3. Hi Maurie! Thanks for your comment! We camped at the Rolling Huts in Mazama, since it was really cold at night, but there are several great campsites all over the north cascades. I’ve also camped at Klipchuck campground off route 20 as well. It’s so beautiful up there!

  4. I love aspen! I grew up with them in the Bend area of Oregon and find the sound of the wind in their leaves to be one of the most soothing sounds ever! Beautiful pictures. Where was the camp, if you don’t mind sharing? I love that area, and want to explore it a bit more.

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