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The Spirit of a Tree

photo-8I have been visiting this specific tree regularly for over a year now.
Yesterday, I went to visit this tree.  I asked if it would help me feel more relaxed and centered.  I stood with my back fully against it, and placed all my body weight onto the trunk.  I stood with this tree for about 20 minutes.  This tree was very kind to take my excess energy (ie anxiety) I was carrying, and bring it into the earth.
Once this tree asked me to bring it water during the drought season in September; it was really dry, as were other conifers around it.   I also bring it songs, as a gift of gratitude.
I think this tree is really beautiful.
It possesses a generous spirit I have experienced during many of my visits. I don’t have accurate words to describe how I experience the tree’s spirit, which I do sense, however, “generous” is the first word that comes to mind.
It makes me think of this exercise by William Bloom on how to sense a spirit of a tree:

Sensing the Spirit of a Tree

Stand close to a tree and let your awareness go down into the root system where it absorbs nutrients from the earth. Follow the flow up into the trunk, the branches and then the leaves. The leaves are open to receive the light of the sun. Hold your awareness of the whole tree and then expand your focus slightly to be aware of the whole energy body of the tree. Stay quietly with this sense of the whole tree, and its spirit may become quite clear to you.

-from Working With Angels, Fairies And Nature Spirits (p. 59)



January 1, 2013 · 6:47 pm

The Tree Outside My Window

There is a young alaskan cedar tree right outside our bedroom window.

At first, this cedar was not very open to communication.

But when I got to know it better, I realized this tree has spent most of it’s young life battling himalayan blackberry bushes above and under ground. There is evidence that someone must have trimmed the bushes that were tangled into the cedar’s lower branches right before we moved into the house

The cedar still feels a bit like it’s on the mend.  I created a healing circle around it, and placed an amethyst cluster at the base of it’s trunk.  I’m also keeping an eye out for those blackberry bushes.

Now it peeks in the window every morning to say hello.  I look forward to spending more time with this tree while living here.

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Sit Spot

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Barefoot with Red Cedar

barefoot on red cedar ©2012 kim crayton

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Cedar Dream


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Wonderful Wednesday: In awe of the Big Cedar Tree

It is definitely worth the turnoff from 101 to stand in the presence of this awesome tree.

Here I am touching the Big Cedar, Olympic National Park

To the Forest!

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