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Wise Grandfather Saguaro


One of my favorite places is the desert. When I run my earth energy for grounding, the desert is my source for that earth energy. The sun and sky is so beautiful here in Tucson. I am here rock hunting at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show.

The great saguaro cactus always amazes me. It can live to around 200 years. The saguaro also stores up to 200 gallons of water, and expands when fully hydrated. When I see all the plants together, they look as though they are waving hello, and they joyfully want to embrace with their welcoming (but prickly!) arms.

When I stand with this plant being, I feel a wise, masculine, benevolent earth energy. Grandfather Saguaro tells me everything will happen in it’s own time. He reminds me there is plenty of time to get things done, and to honor all steps on my journey with patience and love.



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California Poppy

making california poppy essence in the sunshine

california poppy plant parts soaking to create a tincture

I have seen this little orange flower all over the city, and thanks to Portland urban forager Rebecca Lerner at First Ways, I just learned about the relaxing, mildly sedative properties of California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica).  I consulted my copy of Michael Moore’s Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West, and read about the history and uses for this plant.  I followed the instructions and made a tincture, and I also took the flowers and petals and made california poppy flower essence.  What a wonderful plant!

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