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Hugging More Trees in 2013

Placing the heart against a tree is a humbling experience.

I love this Gaia Oracle card “Intuitive Communication,” illustrated by intuitive artist Toni Carmine Salerno. Notice thephoto-4 tree has a heart radiating.  I love the choice of heart centered, intuitive communication, because it realizes the relationship we can have with trees, plants, and other beings if we just open our hearts and listen.  The woman in this illustration can sense the tree’s radiating heart, with her eyes closed. This card resonates deeply with me and my calling for 2013.

As the new year approaches, I reflect on the trees that have touched me during the 2012.  All the wisdom I have received from the trees I have immense gratitude.  Thank you trees!

Looking towards 2013, I am being called to bring more tree people to the trees and practice intuitive listening with trees and in nature.   This is a purely heart-centered act that I am guided to facilitate in the next year, and beyond.

There are so many ways we can connect to the earth and at the same time, to our wisdom and intuitive guidance.  Starting with a heart centered practice is a way to ensure that future actions are centered in the heart, with intentions of loving and peaceful connections.



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Sit Spot

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Barefoot with Red Cedar

barefoot on red cedar ©2012 kim crayton

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Close your eyes and imagine.

“An almost impenetrable primeval forest….”

I close my eyes and imagine what this land, from lake to lake, looked like in 1850.

This is a plaque embedded in the cement in front of a bench in Roanoke Park.

It is a tiny memorial to all the lost plants and trees.

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Visit with a Heritage Tree

Today I met with a Heritage Tree in my neighborhood; a lovely European White Elm in Roanoke Park.

This tree is 101 years old.

One of Seattle's Heritage Trees in Roanoke Park

To the Forest!

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