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California Poppy

making california poppy essence in the sunshine

california poppy plant parts soaking to create a tincture

I have seen this little orange flower all over the city, and thanks to Portland urban forager Rebecca Lerner at First Ways, I just learned about the relaxing, mildly sedative properties of California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica).  I consulted my copy of Michael Moore’s Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West, and read about the history and uses for this plant.  I followed the instructions and made a tincture, and I also took the flowers and petals and made california poppy flower essence.  What a wonderful plant!


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Drink the Forest!


In my efforts to always be closer to trees, yesterday I wild harvested some Douglas Fir spring tips and steeped them in hot (not boiling) water. The drink has such a beautiful flavor; citrusy, fresh, floral, lightly woodsy. If you are near any Doug Firs, gather some tips, steep, and strain. I found the recipe I used from The Living Wild Project, where they also share a recipe for Doug Fir tips sorbet.

Boil 5 quarts water in a pot. Remove from heat. Add 2 Cups Doug Fir Tips. Let steep for 20-30mins. Strain, and enjoy! I keep mine in the fridge, and it is the most delicious iced vitamin c infusion!

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