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Gratitude and Love for 2012: Many Thanks, Many Blessings

On New Year’s Eve, I am reflecting on the past year in awe and wonder.  It has been a beautiful, gentle year, with a lot of my time spent on intuitive work and quiet listening of nature and spirit.


My 2012 tarot year card was 18 “The Moon,” and my personality card for 2012 was 9 “The Hermit.”

The Moon Over Water (named in The Wildwood deck) speaks to my delving into my intuitive development. I prioritized my dreamwork, reiki healing, and shamanic journeying, strengthened my relationship with tarot, listened deeply to messages in nature, and cultivated relationships with some very wise trees.  You could say the moon and I were very close in 2012.

I am grateful to have experienced such stillness in my “hermitage” (and those who have seen my latest home know it has space for peaceful retreat!)  I call my hermit space “up in my nest,” as an owl’s nest of intuitive work.  I was indeed “The Hooded (wo)Man,” but at the same time, had time to take part in joyful gathering in celebration throughout the year.

I also had my first close encounter with an owl this year! A barred owl dropped out of a tree and landed on the grass in front of me.  I sat with that owl for about 40 minutes, and watched it and another owl up in the tree communicate with each other and just be owls.  As an amateur birder, this was so awesome.  I also visited wolves at Wolf Haven, and saw my first wolves, and heard them howl.  That was a sound I will never forget.

My two tarot cards for 2012 could not have been more accurate to my experience of 2012.  I experienced many quiet walks, a lot of grounding meditation, reading, and energy work.  I tuned in deeply to stillness, and I am so grateful for this year of rest and quiet moments.


I am truly grateful for the beauty revealed to me this year from spirit guides, nature, tree beings, wise human beings and angels. Thank you. I am blessed.

I wish many blessing to all in 2013.


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December 31, 2012 · 6:31 pm

Self Portrait

self portrait ©2012 kim crayton

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National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kaua'i.

To the Forest!

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Gratitude, Friends, & Roses

Last week my car overheated on my way to getting it fixed. (Ugh…cars!)

I had to park it outside of Woodland Park, which was actually the perfect place for me to stop. 🙂

I remembered the Woodland Park Rose Garden, which I spent time in years ago when I lived closer to it, as it was along my walk to Green Lake.

Awesome topiary!

What a beautiful garden!

After having a moment of total frustration and worry about my car, I walked across the park and entered the rose garden.  Several roses were not in bloom, but the space was so peaceful, and the grounds were very beautiful.  I suddenly forgot about my car, and allowed myself to relax in the moment and take in the beauty.

I was so grateful for this park, and all the care and intention given to such a special space.

After I left the park, my car had cooled off, so I carefully drove it to the mechanic.  From there, I wandered through the neighborhood, ran into an old friend, grabbed a snack with her, and then she led me to more friends and I ended up having a truly fantastic day!

I fell in love with this beauty!

So much gratitude!

To the Forest!

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