Farewell, Winter Trees.

winter trees in vermont

It’s kind of funny. 

This is my first blog post and instead of saying “Hello to you!” I am saying  goodbye, for now, to the winter trees.

Although I adore spring, summer and fall trees, winter trees always hold a special place in my heart.  When I returned back east this January to visit my mother, I visited Vermont, and also the Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary.  While driving down to these gorgeous places, I could not stop commenting on the trees, with their branches reaching into the crisp blue sky like arms, bent elbows, wrists, and thin fingers.

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I often forget the beauty of deciduous trees during New England winters. Western Washington is full of lush evergreens year round which often block the silhouettes of bare branches.

Farewell, winter trees.  See you again soon!

To the Forest!


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