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Tea with Trees: Pu Erh

This is a lovely ripe pu erh block I bought from Phoenix Teas in Burien WA.

It is delicious.

Pu erh teas are super healthy tea due to the microbial fermentation process and healthy bacterias that forms inside the cake during the fermentation process.   This cake is rich and dark, and when brewed, earthy and a bit malty, yet very smooth to drink.

It’s really a perfect tea to drink outside on a cool fall morning.  The smell of the tea compliments the fragrance of the forest. I can’t wait to take this tea with me on some autumn hikes.


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Tea with Trees: Mao Feng Green Tea

Green teas are a staple drink for me.  I mostly enjoy green teas in the afternoon, since I can basically drink them until before bedtime and still sleep fine.

This delicious Mao Feng Green tea was perfect drink on a lovely sunny autumn afternoon.

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Tea with Trees: Soho

I am not much of a flavored tea fan.

However, I do love SoHo, a flavored black tea from Harney and Sons. This coconut chocolate chinese black tea is not sweet at all.  The chocolate flavor adds a great depth and dryness to the finish.  The black tea base is slightly malty, and very robust.  I also love the pretty pink flowers in the dry leaf.

This morning was, and still is, cool and cloudy.  I sat to listen to the birds with a nice cup of SoHo.


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Tea with the Trees

This past Saturday I enjoyed a day of tea tasting and education at the Northwest Tea Festival.  I participated in a fantastic professional cupping workshop, a taiwanese oolong tasting, and a very informative apprentice tea sommelier class.  There were so many teas to taste, and every vendor there had something delicious to share and purchase.  Everyone was so knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming; I can’t wait to go again next year.

All this tea tasting, observing, and appreciation has inspired me to drink my tea outside with the trees and capture the beauty of every cup in nature.

Here are some of my photos from my cup of double bergamot earl grey from this morning:

tea with ferns



wet tea leaves: earl grey blend of black teas

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